Sunday, January 22, 2006

Olympic Help Please

Okay, so, here's the scarf so far. Black. Cables. No Natural Light. Take what you can get:

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Okay, so I'm about 1/3 of the way done with the scarf. "Are We There Yet?"

So now, I need your help. My olympic choices are daunting. I started trying to redo the math for Allison's "Leftover" vest, but couldn't quite figure it out. So here are my options, please tell me what you think...

FUDGE the pattern. Decrease when I think I should decrease, increase when I think I should increase. This may be okay considering the vest is knit in the round and I can easily try it on through the whole thing. Until the arm holes anyway. I have no idea how to split it and knit the armhole and neck decreases w/o a pattern. So should I brave it, or do one of these options??

Make it in green?
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This is 8 skeins of wool of the andes in fern. I'm almost positive I can match gauge with this yarn.

Order a color like gray or something more suited for a vest than green when I order more WOA for the rest of the boy's scarf.

Skip the vest and make the Twisty Turns wrap from Wrap Style in this:
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What do you guys think??
Help Please.

Posted by Melanie at 9:15 PM


  1. Blogger Ruinwen posted at 5:23 AM  
    I love the scarf. You've done a great job on it.

    I vote for the Twisty Vines for the Olympic project.

  2. Blogger Ruinwen posted at 5:26 AM  
    Sorry I meant Twisty Turns because that yarn looks delighful to work with.

  3. Blogger Kara posted at 10:12 AM  
    Twisty turns all the way. After the Olympics, I can try and help you figure out the math for the decreases on the vest if you want.
  4. Blogger Melanie posted at 11:54 AM  
    I agree with the PP the silk looks just lovely....and the scarf..he is going to love it!
  5. Anonymous Kris posted at 10:00 AM  
    Definitely the wrap - improvising math on the fly sounds potentially disenheartening.
  6. Blogger Kara posted at 3:43 PM  
    JenLa has new buttons. There's a wrap/shawl button for the USA team. There's a button for just about anything you could knit.
  7. Blogger Pioggia posted at 9:19 PM  
    Twisty turns! It looks like a quick knit.

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