Friday, January 20, 2006

Personal Post

So, I started the scarf for The Boy. He is quite excited about it. It's fantastic. He actually asks me questions about my knitting. When he got in my car today there was a sock in the cup holder and a sock in the glove compartment and he was like, "Socks everywhere! What else do you knit?" He asked me what kind of things could be knit in the summer, and how long I've been knitting. I think he knows it's important to me and that's why he questions it. He also asks questions about the divorce. Which I like, because I had a BAD week with it this week and on Thursday when I went into work discovering that The EX had not been served due to a faulty address (to make a long story short) I was needing to vent. He was SOOO fantastic. He looked up all the phone numbers to the CT Sub Base that I could possibly need to get him served.
It's all taken care of, but needless to say it's been quite a week and my custody hearing has to be rescheduled and I have to pay (again) to have him served (again.) It's frustrating.
I think I'm going to do The Yarn Harlot's Olympic challenge, if I can get the scarf done in time... but I don't know what to do, so I'm off to look at the list of the participating and see if I can get inspired.
Happy Friday!

Posted by Melanie at 8:41 PM


  1. Blogger Kara posted at 11:37 PM  
    I'm on the USA Lace Knitting Team. You know you want to do it. Although, it could be a problem if you have a social life.
  2. Blogger Lina posted at 3:23 AM  
    The Boy sounds really nice!
    If you do join the knitting Olympics I'll be here to cheer you on! I won't be joining as I don't feel I need a challenge. Just getting my wrist to heal and picking up needles again will be enough excitement for February :)

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