Sunday, February 12, 2006

Day 2- Knitter Down!

Here was progress at 12:00pm today. I really wanted to get a natural light photo to show off the colors of this yarn, because last night's picture was crappy.

So here:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

I love that it's so much easier to try on socks when knitting with the magic loop method. And, I just LOVE the magic loop method in general. I was a little nervous about the heel flap, turning the heel, and the gusset, but it went smoothly.

I am encountering a slight problem though. My left wrist has begun hurting. Badly. Is it because I knit for so long yesterday and quite a while today, or is this the beginning of a bigger problem? It hurts right where the hand meets the arm, on the top, in the center. I took an aleve. It didn't help. So what do I do? I swear NO ONE better say "stop knitting!" Do I wear a brace? put heat? ice? someone who has experience with this please help.

Anyway, I feel good about where I am. I don't get much time to knit on the weekends, so if I finish up this sock this week, and get past the gusset on the 2nd sock next weekend then that will give me the final weekend to finish in case anything shocking happens (like overtime. Oh wait... overtime isn't shocking. The lack of overtime would be shocking.)

Hope everyone else is doing well on their quest!

Posted by Melanie at 7:19 PM


  1. Blogger Melanie posted at 7:53 PM  
    Oh NO! I hope your wrist feels better. I had the same problem last night. My right wrist was killing me. I just knit through the pain and it went away. I don't really have any good suggestions for you as mine worked itself out. Just commenting to let you know I'm rooting for ya! The colorway looks great! (I need to learn that magic loop too)
  2. Blogger Kathy posted at 11:14 PM  
    I have the wrist problem from time to time, too. The best thing is to stop knitting (sorry).

    However, if I don't want to stop knitting, I ice it and always keep it supported on a pillow.

    Hope it feels better soon!
  3. Anonymous Kris posted at 1:17 AM  
    I have tendonitis in both wrists - I wear soft wrist supports to knit and hard wrist braces to sleep. I'm still hitting a daily ceiling of about 6 hours a day of knitting right now (I think the most I've ever managed was 9).
  4. Blogger Becky posted at 1:51 PM  
    Socks look great. Love the colors.

    I've had carpal tunnel surgery and still get wrist pain when I knit a lot. I can't crochet at all. I'd suggest changing the position and movement of your hands somehow. Also keep you wrist as straight as you can, especially no backward flexing. Hope they feel better soon.

    I think I'll have to take a break or go back to therapy after the UFOlympics. :(

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