Monday, February 13, 2006

Day 3- Taking it easy

Not too much typing... wrist is still hurting which was made worse by working in the shipping department today and dealing with inventory. I will be working in shipping on Tuesday & Friday also... so i will be taking it easy with the knitting this week. This is not a big deal (I don't think) as this is my progress:

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I have started the toe decreases. I probably have about 10 more rows/rounds to do.

I think I can mangage that this week and still stay on target. MUST GET GOLD OLYMPIC BUTTON!

Have I mentioned I LOVE the magic loop method??


P.S. Thanks for the comments about my wrist. I refuse to STOP knitting, but I will take it easy and I will wear the brace they gave me at work today to use in the shipping department and i will take anti-inflamitories. I'll pray for the best and hope that it goes away on it's own. :o)

Posted by Melanie at 9:24 PM


  1. Blogger Brianne posted at 11:53 AM  
    I love the colors of that yarn? What are you using?

    Did you use any particular source to help you learn the Magic Loop method? I've just started making socks and would love to try a pair that way.

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