Friday, March 03, 2006

March Goals

February Goals:
1. Finish Scott's Scarf before February 10th. DONE.
2. Pick a project and swatch before the knitting olympics begin. DONE.
3. Knit & complete the winter olympics project. DONE.
4. Complete the sleeves for the Classic Cardigan. NOT DONE. Sweater is MIA.

March Goals:
1. Get to the arm hole decreases on the grey cardigan.
2. Cast on only one project this month (it can be socks or maybe the home sweet home shawl- something to break up the monotony of stockinette stitch.)
3. Make a little progress on an old UFO.

That's all. I've been down with the flu this week. No knitting to report and no interesting news.

Oh yeah, besides this: Nick was served with Divorce papers this week. My joy was pretty much there until he informed me that he's not signing them, that he doesn't agree with the child support payments and he doesn't agree with the child custody arrangements. I say, when you grow up and actually CALL your son on occassion (That does mean more than once every few months) then you have the right to ask for some form of custody. Until then buzz off.

Happy march. May you bring lots of sunshine and a successful child support/custody hearing at the end of the month. Moving up and on.

Posted by Melanie at 10:29 AM


  1. Blogger Lina posted at 3:12 AM  
    Sorry to here you too are sick with the flu. Hope you'll feel better soon!
  2. Blogger Ruinwen posted at 7:52 AM  
    I'm sorry you're sick...sending prayers and Reiki.

    I'm sorry your ex won't sign.

    I was proud of you getting so many Feb goals accomplished!

    Hope everything gets better soon!


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