Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A Blessing In Disguise

There have been points in my divorce when I think, "yeah, this is happening for a reason." And there are other points where I've been thinking, "Why? Why me?" But neither feeling has led me to the point I'm at now. "yes, this IS where I'm supposed to be. And I LOVE it."

Of the most exciting things to happen in the recent past is a boy. I had not, up until about a month ago, been ready to date. Boys were nice. And nice to look at, and I had a few minor crushes, but nothing I wanted to pursue. But upon spending Derby weekend with my sister and some friends I stayed up late into the night talking to a nice boy. A boy who had made it clear to me he was hanging around for the long haul. I met him mid-february at my sister's 21st birthday. We became instant friends and spent a weekend or two a month hanging out. Anyway, here he is... just for a visual picture.

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Dimples. Do you see the dimples?

Anyway, he just graduated from UK with a major in finance (yum, i love money). He put himself through school with no financial help, loans, grants, etc. He owns his own home, and his truck. He works two jobs, and is incredibly motivated.

Just to drive home the fact that I think he's absolutely "swell." I had a bit of a medical problem down in Lexington this weekend, and he drove all the way back up to Florence with me (1.5 hours) to take me to the doctor. He then called me at 4am the next two days to make sure that I had taken my 4am dose of medication. He was fantastic. I was afraid to tell anyone about this problem (I haven't even told my mom) and was so pleased that I could be un-embarassed and supported by someone that, in the grand scheme of things, I don't know so well.

My job has been amazing. I almost went and crossed out job and put career. I feel so comfortable there. I feel like I'm needed and that I'm serving a purpose. I work with the best people. My department is so supportive, so helpful, and absolutely so much like a unit or a team that my head spins sometimes. I wouldn't leave that job for any other job that offered me under 6 figures.

My son is growing so fast I can hardly keep myself from doing double takes

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  1. Blogger Melanie posted at 7:56 PM  
    Is his name Max? I'm telling you,if it is,I know him. That or two guys that look totally the same graduated from the same college,in the same field.
    Anyway,Happy 4th!
  2. Blogger SheKnits posted at 10:54 PM  

    Somehow I missed this post! I just about cried while reading this. You are soooo happy. Im so happy for you. I can't wait for an update.

    Im glad things are working out so well for you. I know heartache came first, but when one storm rolls out, a knight on a white horse rides in, just in time to get to know you, before the next storm rolls in.

    I hope that whatever medical crisis happen upon you, is gone... forever. I've had one recently as well, and I know how personal it is to be selective with that information.

    I hope you're doing 100 times better than you were on the dates of your last two posts... that this finds you happy, smiling, and in love with life.

    You and Zander... and BoyWonder deserve the very best! His dimples, ARE ADORABLE! If you're not willing to share him, at least put more photos up!!!


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