Monday, May 15, 2006

My Normal Day

I like to take a step back now and then and kind of re-evaluate where I'm at. And it's just in my nature to be serious about things, but I keep thinking... there's got to be something humorous or something that I should be laughing about. Like my daily routine.

Get up, generally to the sound of FOG HORN alarm clock-- not the normal pulse type alarm clock. No, "Beep beep beep." No, my alarm clock works it's way into my dream EVERY MORNING. "beep Beep BEep BEEp BEEP beep Beep BEep BEEp BEEP beep Beep BEep BEEp BEEP beep Beep BEep BEEp BEEP beep Beep BEep BEEp BEEP." Yes, it grows louder. When aquiring this alarm clock I thought, "how nice. It will ease me awake." But hours after I wake up I hear it growing louder in my ears. Or maybe that's my head I hear it in. (That might be a topic for some other time.)

After I get out of bed it's a mad dash to get the dog upstairs and out the front door before she pees in the house. She's just one of those creatures that upon standing up must IMMEADIATELY relieve herself. And let's not lie... I do not move very quickly early in the morning. Please allow me one caffinated beverage before expecting me to function. Upon getting the dog back into the house I generally have a GROUCHY son to get out of bed. I try not to get angry. He comes by his grouchiness honestly. (From his father, of course.) After a struggle ensuses with a "normal" two year old to get dressed, eat breakfast and get in the car I get to go to work. Some mornings I drop Zander off at school early and head to the office because I think "I'd rather deal with work crap than child crap right now." But really, what am I thinking?

One of my not so fun jobs at work is to call accounts that have left pieces of necessary information off their orders. Let's pretend I work in the culinary field for a moment. If someone wants me to make them cookies, it means they need to provide me with all the ingredients. So let's take cookies back down to basics. Cookies have 4 basic ingredients: Flour, Sugar, Fat, and Eggs. So, how am I going to make cookies when you only give me THREE ingredients? By the end of the day, I'm tired of asking people for the 4th ingredient. And people, I know you're tired of me calling you EVERY day asking for the same thing on every single job you submit. So, please, do me a favor. Do your job correctly and throughly. I WILL call you about it. It is NOT saving time. It is, in fact, WASTING time. Yours and mine. And I've begun to think that my time is more precious than yours since you have NO interest in helping the situation. And to the fellow workers of these morons...if it is one associate who is not filling out the orders correctly, please take a moment and tell them what I really feel like saying, "ARE YOU GETTING IT YET? IS THIS COMPLICATED OR DID YOU JUST FAIL TO BE GIFTED WITH A SINGLE WORKING BRAIN CELL?"

I had a co-worker walk up to my desk today, and while I was on the phone listening to my voicemail messages interupt me and say, "This is for Amy. Where should I put it?" Obviously I was having very much a MONDAY, because I couldn't help but respond: "Um, on Amy's desk?" I mean, maybe she was asking, "Will you let Amy know that I'm leaving this for her?" Or maybe she meant to say, "This needs Amy's attention, but would you like to take care of it so that I can have it back to get my job done?" Etc. But she didn't ask for that. She asked "where should I put it?" Did I miss something? Did there suddenly happen to be TWO Amy's in a department that consists of 4 people? Granted, I know that when I moved to that department I took Amy's desk, and I know that this is very odd to some people, but after 4 weeks you think they'd realize that Amy's desk has moved about 4 feet away. Maybe the big 8x10 framed picture of her baby girl should give it away?

Then I have moments where it becomse necessary that I interact with the ex. (Like starting now since he has just moved back into town.) He had Zander over the weekend and through much arguing we determined that he would drop off Zander's bag at my work. Except he won't give me the car seat. Okay, so technically the car seat is his, but he fails to realize that I gave him the one out of my car, and that the spare is in my mother's car. I get off work at 5:30. The daycare closes at 6. Realistically I NEVER get out of work at 530. Not even if I try!! So there is no way I can leave work, drive home, get the car seat and get back to daycare before his school closes.

There are moments when I think "he's really not such a bad guy... why are you so negative towards him and the situation?" Then there are moments like this that make me think, "OH SHIT. Now I remember." What an immature little brat.

I could go on and on... but we've made it to 10am in a normal day, so I feel like maybe that's enough for today.

(did I distract you away from the knitting? Since there is- of course- none to show you I was hoping you'd forget why you stopped here. Did it work?)

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  1. Blogger SheKnits posted at 12:45 PM  
    Wow. Did you breathe at all while writing that out? haha.

    I understand the co-worker situation to a "T"... and Im right there with you. It's not that hard to figure out a question like that... unless you dont ask yourself, before asking someone else.

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